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Why Forexomatic ?

Profit While I Sleep features software that has some of the highest success rates in the Forex trading industry.

Why are we great for average people?

Emotional Trading!! This is the problem with most manual traders. Even the best strategies and systems can be unraveled by emotion. Either you will exit a good trade too early or close a bad trade too late...Let our revolutionary software do the thinking for you. This software was developed by a trader with over a 21 year track record. Many of his softwares have been running for years with an unheard of winning percentage.

How it works

Forexomatic  uses software designed  to help traders like you generate income by utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence. Our software never gets tired, never becomes emotional, and never deviates from the strategy.

What we do

Forexomatic is built with the knowledge and expertise of seasoned traders and proven trading algorithms. This system empowers all traders to overcome many obstacles including time, emotion, and performance! This is the future of Trading!

Our Affordable Rates

Using a Demo account from your trusted broker, try our software for 7 days 100% risk free!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I upgrade my subscription from one license to three or vice versa ?

To change your subscription login to your account, select your customer Profile which is located in the menu under [YOU...

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How do I cancel my subscription ?

To cancel your subscription login to your account, select your customer Profile which is located in the menu under [YOU...

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Do I need a VPS to use the software ?

You can run the software on your personal computer using MT4/MT5 if you wish however, we recommend using a VPS for adde...

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Can I purchase more than three licenses

Yes you may have as many licenses as you desire however the only limiting factor is your email address. There is a maxi...

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